I completely melt away with GABO WOOL, this yarn is colorful, playful and simply irresistable! Ginger & Thyme is the first local yarnshop to introduce this beautiful yarn in Western Europe.

FOG  44% pima cotton, 28% baby alpaca, 28% fine merino (50gr, 125m),
#adorable_gingersweater by adorable_knits

FINE HIGHLAND WOOL  100% peruvian highland wool (100gr, 70m)
#anderssweater by kolibri.by_johanna, #monabeanie by @gingerandthyme.be

ECO BABY BRUSHED 100% baby brushed alpaca in all natural colours (50gr, 200m)
#mirablouse, #mariacardigan by @gingerandthyme.be

COLORFUL BABY BRUSHED 100% baby brushed alpaca in gorgeous colours (50gr, 200m)
#mirablouse, #mariacardigan by @gingerandthyme.be

BABY ALPACA 100% baby alpaca (50gr, 112m)
#alwayssweetsweater, #billietop by @gingerandthyme.be


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